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Shop.MitsuiPlastics.com Our New E-Commerce Portal

Introducing Shop.MitsuiPlastics.com Our New E-Commerce Portal

Mitsui Plastics is pleased to announce the launch of our new E-Commerce platform!  

The Phase 1 launch of our E-Commerce site includes three product lines:
Silton™ JC
Sakai Stabiace Hydrotalcite  

We will continue adding more products over the coming months. If you would like to see a specific product included in our next product roll out, please contact your Mitsui Plastics representative for consideration.  

Our new E-Commerce site will allow for more efficient ordering, order accuracy and serve as a hub for all information pertaining to your orders. As an added incentive, we will be extending you a one-time 5% off discount on the first order you place through our E-Commerce site.  

Please get in touch with you Mitsui Plastics representative with any questions pertaining to our new E-Commerce site.