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Sustainable Raw Materials For Automotive Manufacturers

Mitsui Plastics, Inc. provides a wide variety of resins and traditional automotive manufacturing materials, as a partner of our planet, we strive to shift towards a more sustainable future by offering several eco-friendly products that are a direct replacement for traditional automotive materials while still maintaining key specifications.

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Mitsui Plastics

Ocean Reclaimed Grade

  • PA6
    • Glass filled options varying from 30%-50% available.
    • Mineral filled options varying form 15%-25% available.
    • Ocean recycled content varying from 30%-50% available.
    • Applications Include: Engine Covers, Air Cleaners, Frunk, Etc.
    • Ocean recycled content varying from 5-10% available.
    • Additional 40-45% post-consumer recycled content available.
    • Applications Include: Guide Brackets, Rear Monitor Covers, Etc.
  • While using ocean reclaimed plastics to reduce CO2 emissions, these products still maintain all the following characteristics:
    • Tensile Strength
    • Flexural Modulus
    • Flexural Strength
    • Impact Strength
    • Shrinkage
    • Izod Impact
Mitsui Plastics

Bio Feedstock Grade:

  • Bio-Based Polyurethane (PU)
    • Derived from non-edible plants, such as castor seeds, offering a product containing 15% bio-content in its final product form.
    • Produces approximately only 50% of the CO2 exhaust that is produced by Petroleum-based PU.
    • Commonly used for seat cushions, this material is sought after for its increased riding comfort and increase ball rebound.
  • PA56
    • PA6 and PA66 equivalents available.
    • 30% and 50% glass filled options are available.
    • Mechanical properties on are on par with virgin PA6 or PA66.
    • Enhanced visual appearance.
  • PBT & TPEE
    • Currently only available for pilot samples.
    • Mass production will begin in 2024.
Mitsui Plastics

Recycled Grade:

  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Material – TPO & PP
    • Contains 20-30% recycled content and maintains key technical specifications.
    • Available in vast color and speckled options.
    • Perfect for a drop-in replacement for Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO) for interior and exterior applications.
Mitsui Plastics
  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Material – PP, ABS, HDPE & HIPS
    • High purity 100% PCR based PP, ABS, HDPE, and HIPS materials compounded from the PCR sourced detailed in the chart below.
    • Excellent traceability from in-house supplier monitoring software.
    • Advanced R&D and quality control systems:
      • Custom grade support readily available upon request.
      • Custom formulations have been developed for automotive, electronics, and many other consumer industries.
    • Abundant PCR recovery sources, allowing for potential of rapid increase in volume production.
Mitsui Plastics
  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Material – PC, PC-ABS, PC-ASA, PBT, TPEE
    • From a mechanical recycling process, high-quality PCR sourced from wafer trays, headlamps, sheets, airbags, and cable ties is compounded into PC, PC-ABS, and/or PC-ASA.
    • Chemically recycled PBT and TPEE is available for sampling/development and will be in mass production by 2025.
Mitsui Plastics
  • Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) Material
    • Contains >75% PIR content and maintains key technical specifications.
    • Ideal drop-in replacement for ABS, PC-ABS and Nylon.
    • Greatly reduces global warming potential upon manufacture!
Mitsui Plastics

Carbon Offset Grade:

  • Polyketone (PK) – Carbon Sequestering Material
    • A new “green” polymeric material composed of carbon monoxide and olefins that actually utilizes carbon monoxide in its manufacturing.
    • Used in many under hood and nylon replacement applications with room for interior applications such as shift modules, arm rests and air ducts.
    • Used in electrical applications such as connectors, plugs, switches and sockets.
    • Produces little to no VOCs, has high impact strength, is anti-squeak, has high chemical resistance, good wear & abrasion behavior and good flame-retardancy.

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