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Silton JC

By Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals, Ltd.

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Discover SILTON JC: The Game-Changing Material for Polyolefin Resin Systems

Silton JC – the revolutionary material that is redefining a variety of industrial applications. Developed by the experts at Mizusawa Chemicals, this material offers unparalleled performance and unmatched properties, making it the ultimate choice for optimizing your Polyolefin Resin Systems. Silton JC is a non-porous, spherical shaped anti-blocking agent, produced from the chemical modification of synthetic zeolite. Achieve high clarity with low oil absorption with Silton JC.

Unleash the Power of SILTON JC 

Silton JC is transforming industries around the globe with its exceptional capabilities. Experience the remarkable benefits this cutting-edge material brings to various industrial sectors. 

Why Choose SILTON JC? 

High Dispersibility 

  • Unlike many antiblocking agents out there in the market, Silton JC particles do not agglomerate and have high dispersibility. This helps to reduce the number of gels formed during film production. 


  • With Silton JC, extreme temperatures and humidity are no longer a concern. Due to the non-porosity of Silton JC, our antiblocking agent does not absorb much moisture from the surrounding. Therefore, minimal moisture will be released during high processing temperatures. 

High Masterbatch Loading 

  • Since Silton JC is non-porous, this has resulted in a higher bulk density. This also allows higher masterbatch loading and more consistent dosing of additives. 
  • By elevating the Silton JC concentration in a masterbatch and consequently reducing the amount of carrier resins, our clients can achieve cost efficiencies in materials, shipping, and operations. 
Mitsui Plastics

High Optical Performance 

  • Silton JC has a similar refractive index to PE, PP, PVA and EVA. This allows Silton JC to be added with very minimal effects to film optical properties. 

Versatility in Applications 

  • Discover the versatility of Silton JC across multiple industrial sectors. From manufacturing and automotive to aerospace and cosmetics, this material delivers high performance across diverse applications.

  • Global Compliance for Food Contact Applications

Ready to Experience SILTON JC? 

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