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Stabiace HT Hydrotalcite

By Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Discover STABIACE HT: The Ideal Material For Heat Stabilization & Acid Scavenging in Polymeric Applications

Introducing Stabiace HT – Hydrotalcite manufactured by SAKAI Chemicals. Stabiace HT is a range of synthetic hydrotalcite materials designed for use in a variety of applications, including heat stabilization for PVC and acid scavenging during polyolefin polymerization process. 

Hydrotalcite is a unique and versatile material that combines the properties of layered double hydroxides with high anion-exchange capacity. It is commonly used in the polymer industry for its superior heat stabilization properties, which make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications where thermal stability is a key requirement. Stabiace HT, our brand of synthetic hydrotalcite, provides exceptional heat stabilization and acid scavenging properties that make it a perfect choice for use in PVC heat stabilizers and other polymer applications that require thermal stability. 

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality materials that meet their specific requirements. The Stabiace HT range of synthetic hydrotalcite materials is manufactured using the latest technology and quality control measures to ensure consistent and reliable performance. 

Unleash the Power of STABIACE HT

Benefits of Hydrotalcite: 

  • Superior heat stabilization properties 
  • High anion-exchange capacity 
  • Thermal stability for various applications 

Heat Stabilization for PVC and CPVC: 

  • Enhances thermal stability and prevents degradation 
  • Ideal for PVC and CPVC heat stabilization

Acid Scavenging in Polyolefin Polymerization: 

  • Utilized for acid scavenging during the polyolefin polymerization process 
  • Neutralizes acidic impurities and enhances polymer quality 

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