Packaging Photo Guidelines

Good practices to obtain photographs of products in a supermarket, which improve or facilitate the subsequent editing of the photos and possible clipping of the background.

We have 2 types of relevant photos: the shelf and the product. It is convenient to take more than one photo to then choose the best ones, those that are in focus and with the right lighting.

For the product photo, a first simple solution is to search for the photo on the web. However, we must be careful with the rights of use of photographic material. If the photo isn´t available, we can benefit from considering these tips:

1. When possible, use a clean, single-color background. A plastic sheet can be used for this purpose.

2. Proper lighting: Ensure even lighting across the product to avoid harsh shadows, uneven exposure and minimal reflections and glare. When possible, avoid using flash.

3. Once the photo is taken, check that it is in focus, with a suitable frame and angle.

4. Preferably stand perpendicular to the target. While perspective photos can cover a larger area, we want there to be some harmony between photos taken by many different people.

5. Shoot in RAW format: Capture images in RAW format to retain maximum image information and flexibility during post-processing.

6. Take multiple shots

7. Labeling or tagging: If shooting multiple products, consider labeling or tagging each item during the shoot to streamline organization and editing later.