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Webinar – New Sprayable, Mono-Material Hot Melt Adhesives

Monday, October 3rd, 2022.  1pm – 2pm EST

Mitsui Plastics is introducing a new polypropylene homopolymer produced using an original metallocene catalyst technology resulting in a material with a low melting point, low melt viscosity, and low crystallization. This is a soft polypropylene material created without the addition of rubbers, copolymers, or additives resulting in a simple, clean material formulation. Join our webinar to learn more about the technical properties, applications, and a case study on this exciting new material.
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Matej Padela
Group Leader, Rubber and Elastomers, Mitsui Plastics, Inc.
Megan Krampe
Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mitsui Plastics, Inc
Dillon Frost
Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mitsui Plastics, Inc.