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Niche and Custom Materials for Unique Applications

Mitsui Plastics

Sourcing Materials for Very Niche Manufacturers

  • Specialty Materials for Manufacturers: Mitsui Plastics, Inc. is the go-to solution for manufacturers in need of specialty materials for their unique processing requirements.
  • Beyond Plastics: We offer more than just plastics. Our access extends to rare industrial materials, custom products, and hard-to-find minerals, additives, and blends.
  • Extensive Supplier and Partner Network: Maintaining close relationships with our global network of suppliers and partners allows us to access a wide range of raw and functional materials.
  • Diverse Partner Ecosystem: Our partners include helium gas suppliers, safety glass suppliers, and other key players in the industry, expanding our capabilities and offerings.
  • Customization and Formulation: We collaborate with compounders who can customize or formulate materials according to your specific needs, whether it’s a unique formulation or achieving a particular color.

Materials for Nontraditional Product Manufacturers

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  • c

    Crude Iodine

  • f

    Flexible Copper Clad Laminates (FCCL)

  • h

    Helium Gas

  • l

    Lead Acrylic Sheets

  • p

    Polished Wired Glass (PWG)

    Projector Screen Films

  • s

    Sputtering Targets

  • t

    Titanium Dioxide Powder

Mitsui Plastics

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